Are Kitchen Shoes Slip Resistant?

One of the most important features that kitchen shoes should have is being slip resistant. Working in a kitchen will expose you to a lot of possibility of spilled liquids that might cause accidents. To avoid any of these, your kitchen shoes should be absolutely slip-proof.

Why Chefs Should Invest in Safe Footwear?

Workplace accidents are nothing new and can eventually happen. However, the same accidents can also be prevented if the proper pieces of clothing must be worn depending on the place of work and the nature of it. This is the reason why chefs invest in safe footwear.

There are health and safety agencies that run inspections all across various food-related establishments to make sure that these places keep to their guidelines. They implement rules and regulations for the safety of the workers as well as their customers.

These rules and regulations not only cover the health, safety, and cleanliness of the establishment or the place. It also covers, how the workers keep themselves clean and stick to the proper dress code while working.

Having the appropriate footwear while at work is an important aspect of this. The typical dress code would require chefs and kitchen workers to wear a pair of slip-resistant footwear. This type of footwear usually has great traction and carries an anti-slip sole.

Workplace accidents in food-related establishments usually include the most common types which are trips, slips, and falls. This usually occurs or is a result of liquid spills on the kitchen floor which happens often.

With all these happening, combined with the fast-paced nature of the tasks done in the kitchen, there is a very high possibility of accidents to occur. Be that as it may, investing in footwear that has slip-resistant features can work wonders.

How to Prevent Falls by Wearing the Right Kitchen Shoes?

Wearing the correct kitchen shoes is one way to prevent any possible accidents. However, there are additional ways that you can practice and follow to avoid falls or slips while working in the kitchen.

1. It would be a great help to look after the well being of your feet. Keep clean hygiene at all times. If in case you have feet issues, you must immediately see a doctor about it. Strengthening your feet with simple exercises is also a good practice.

2. Be sure to wear your kitchen shoes properly. If it is a laced-up type of shoe, lace them up properly. Make sure that your kitchen shoes are also perfect and a snug fit. In this way, you can make sure that you do not fall or slip because of ill-fitted footwear.

Remember to avoid wearing flip-flops or slippers while working inside a kitchen.

3. Make sure that the kitchen shoes that you have chosen have a lot of contact with the ground. This means pick something that is as flat as possible to keep you stable while you walk, stand or run.

4. You also need to be aware of your surroundings while you are working. This can greatly help you in avoiding bumping or stumbling upon objects within your place of work. This can also prevent you from any accidental falls or slips.

How Can I Make My Kitchen Shoes Slip Resistant?

If in case your kitchen shoes have soles that are too smooth and does not have enough traction, there are ways that you can do to make them slip resistant.

1. One effective and easy way to make your shoes slip resistant is to scuff the bottom against a rough surface. This process will create grooves on your kitchen shoes’ sole and will make it slip resistant. You would need to do this a couple of times to be effective.

2. Another way to make your kitchen shoes slip resistant is to use a nail file or a metal file to get the bottom of the shoes rough. Make use of a coarse board to achieve roughness that you require.

3. In case you do not have any nail file or metal file available, what you can use to scuff the bottom of your kitchen shoes is sandpaper. The idea is to make sure the bottom becomes rough and textured.

4. Spray pads are another way to go about this process. Spray pads are designed to go on the sole of the kitchen shoes. This will add more traction to prevent slips and falls. These spray pads are available at your local stores.

5. Puff paint which is a type of paint usually used for arts and crafts can also do the job for you. You can buy them at any arts and crafts store nearby and the process is really easy to do.

You just need to apply several coats of puff paint on the soles of the kitchen shoes. Wait for it to dry before applying the next coat until you notice that it has become rough and textured. This will give you adequate traction to ensure prevention from slips.

6. This can be one of the weird ways to make your kitchen shoes slip resistant, but it is effective. Use strips of masking tape to cover the bottom of your shoes to create traction. It is easy and inexpensive too!

7. Lastly, you can opt to use attachable anti-resistant soles. This product is specifically created to serve as a second layer of sole with additional traction to your footwear. These can also be bought at any footwear stores.

Are All Kitchen Shoes Slip Resistant?

There can be many different types of kitchen shoes. Many of which can be the perfect pair for you. They can be slip-on, leather or canvas or even clogs. However, it is an important requirement that they are slip resistant. This is a feature that most kitchen shoes have.

Be that as it may, there are times that you will find the ideal kitchen shoes but end up with a non-slip resistant sole. It can be a deal breaker but think again. If this happens, you can use the methods we have recommended to make them slip resistant.

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