Finding the best Parkour shoes is a must, given that the activity is a demanding sport. If you want to enhance your potential and upgrade your skills, you need a pair of shoes that will support your ongoing training. Most of the time, when people do not look for the parkour shoes, they end up replacing their footwear repeatedly. Consequently, they tend to spend money more than saving. There is also the disadvantage of delaying your parkour sessions since you have to look for the right gear to ensure safety first.

Good parkour shoes can be described as a safeguarding wear for your feet and knees without costing a lot. It is also necessary for you to understand that not all expensive shoes are worth your money. You cannot even declare these gears or brands as the top-rated unless you have evaluated them yourself. There are specific attributes that parkour shoes should have. It is also helpful to take regard that you should not compromise quality over price.

Finding the best parkour shoes may be too confusing, but once you have learned the aspects to focus on, you will no longer look further.

5 Best Parkour Shoes in 2020

ShoeImageMaterialShoe Sole
Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 Check PriceLeather and FabricRubber sole
Feiyue High Top Check PriceLinenRubber sole
Take Flight 1.0 Check PriceMeshRubber sole
Merrell Men's Vapor Glove 2 Check PriceTextile and SyntheticRubber sole
Tiger Claw Feiyue Check PriceCanvasRubber Sole
evolv Men's Cruzer Check PriceCanvasRubber sole

What Are Parkour Shoes?

Best Parkour Shoes in 2018

Before looking for the best parkour shoes, it is necessary for you to learn more about the footwear itself. It is not merely a pair of best free running shoes. It has a particular purpose, which explains why you need it for your chosen sport.

Parkour free running shoes can be described as footwear that you can wear anywhere. It is known for enabling you to move across various area and objects minus the worry. Alternatively, without the right shoes with good grip, you will only hurt your feet or even suffer from a sprain. According to history, David Belle first developed parkour during the 1980s in France. Belle was responsible for creating the activity together with his friends.

Accounts indicated that Belle was greatly interested in martial arts given the released movies regarding the sport. Moreover, this may have been strengthened by his father’s training in the military. The words “Parcours du combatant” became the root of the name “parkour.” Later on, Belle was assisted by Stephane Vigroux, Sebastien Foucan, and Kazuma to develop the sport further. Belle sustained his leadership and gained popularity when he gathered attention while running across roofs during London’s promotion of Rush hour film.

Since then, the activity became an exciting activity worldwide. This article also explains why good free running shoes are now must-haves for the enthusiasts.

How To Choose Good Parkour Shoes?

You have to consider certain aspects before purchasing the best parkour shoes. Once a pair met your preferences about the following important factors, you can deem the footwear a must-buy.

Strong Grip

Have you ever wondered why people always look for good grip shoes whenever practicing parkour? If you only ask the professionals on what shoes are good for parkour, anticipate that this factor will always be their primary consideration. Apparently, if you will not wear a shoe with good grip, you will only injure yourself. Besides, you can expect no improvement in your skills. As a matter of fact, it is important to note that grip always matters, especially when you move into one place to another while balancing and keeping your body lightweight as possible.

You will find that parkour shoes with the best grip are not similar to the boots for soccer or football. It means if you are planning to use the said footwear as an alternative, you should change your mind. If you will get shoes for soccer, the grip is sourced from the bottom with a flat structure. As much as possible, you should look for a parkour foot gear that has a large surface area. Avoid shoes that are made of rubber bottom with ridges, adding depth to other regions.

Thickness of the Sole

Apart from the grip, you should also consider the sole’s thickness when answering the question “What are the best shoes for parkour?” The structure of the sole is crucial in looking for a pair, particularly one with thin construction. Having more lightweight soles is ideal for best freerunning shoes since you will be able to balance well, particularly when executing rail movements. This aspect offers higher sensitivity compared to other shoe brands, but you can anticipate reduced absorption of shock.

Thicker soles may appear to be more durable, but the lack of sensitivity is always a problem with parkour. If you are not prepared with drops, this type of sole should be avoided. It will also not force you to sustain the correct strategy in executing techniques.

Whenever responding to the question “what are the best parkour shoes,” you should always eliminate footwear made of plastic soles. This material will only cause injuries. Take note that plastic-made shoe arches are slippery.

It is also interesting to note that soles made of hard rubber may be stronger, but these provide a reduced amount of grip. As an alternative, you should try looking for softer soles. For longer-lasting service, you should look for single piece bottoms instead of the individual components.

Light in Weight

The ideal parkour shoes should be lightweight. Apparently, good shoes for parkour will not tie you down. Moreover, wearing heavy shoes will only prevent you from obtaining heights, which is essential to pass through obstacles. Flying is also more feasible with lighter sneakers. The feature is an obvious aspect to consider since you have to control your entire body when carrying out techniques without compromising your natural maneuverability.

Good shoes for freerunning should also support your ongoing training. The less strain you feel when wearing parkour and freerunning shoes, the more you can go on to train. Less added weight will also keep you moving freely without feeling exhausted immediately.

Nonetheless, you have to understand that the best shoes for freerunning with lighter weight trade off to absorption of impacts when jumping from one place to another. However, it is a rule of thumb that the lighter your shoes are, the more suitable it is. When selecting a pair, you should take regard of the kind of training you are joining. Even your movement style will assist you in coming up with a choice of shoes.

Adequate Cushioning

The answer to your query “What are good parkour shoes?” can be made easier by also considering an adequate cushion for the footwear. Most likely, you have been looking for the best shoes for parkour and freerunning that are cushiony. It is expected since almost everyone prefers footwear that feels nice on the feet. However, in parkour, the extra cushion will only result in a bad landing and sloppy movements. Added thickness may not be the best option for your sport at this moment.

If you think the top parkour shoes should have been thick since it will enable you to have significant drops, then you are wrong. You may deceive others, but this does not imply you can develop the correct technique. With the little cushion, you will not only enhance your landing skills but also expose your flaws. In such way, you will know which area you should improve. Anticipate that you will go through discomfort, but this does not mean it will last.

As you continue with your training using minimally cushioned shoes, you will soon notice that your lands will be more dramatic and quicker. Until today, even experienced traceurs recommend shoes with reduced thickness and cushioning.

Shoe Durability

As a customary, sports footwear should always last long not only for cost savings but also for constant training. In parkour, the selection is tricky. A good example is finding a pair with soft rubber soles, which has been recommended, but you can expect it to wear down quickly. Although you have obtained greater grip than with hard rubber soles, replacement of your shoes may be frequent. In contrary to soft rubber soles-enforced shoes, the hard rubber will be able to resist continuous training.

Fortunately, new releases of parkour shoes may have soft or thin construction but can still offer durability. However, you need to take note that parkour shoes are meant to wear down even if it may last longer than other pairs. If you practice regularly for weeks, you need shoes that can take a pretty good beating. There are cases that shoes may last for up to six months at the maximum.

Even if the rubber is used for the bottom construction of parkour shoes, it is expected that soon after regular use; it will be pierced through by impacts or drops. Overall, it is all about selecting a pair that will last considerably longer.

Proper Shoe Fit

You could find various parkour shoes that could fit snugly on your feet. Most minimalist pairs can offer you this excellent fitment with space for toe room. By providing little more area for toes, you can ensure that your feet will not suffer from cramps after continuous training. No matter how good your shoe choice is, it will never be the best option if it does not fit your feet properly.

As much as possible, if you will buy your training footwear, you can do it yourself. Find the right shape and size you that are most comfortable to use. Otherwise, anticipate that your practice will go through numerous injuries or accidents. In case the fitting of your shoes is almost perfect, you may use its lacing system to tweak its conformity on your feet. Another solution is to look for socks, preferably quite thick but offers proper ventilation.

You should not interchange the idea of proper fitting with cushioning. Remember, you do not need to focus on finding the right shoe fit by concentrating on interior padding. There must always be sensitivity to your movements and interaction with surfaces.

Good Flexibility

Do not take for granted the flexibility of your shoe choice. You will lose control of your actions if your footwear does not maneuver together with you. It must bend accordingly, particularly when you are landing on a surface or rail. However, the flexibility should be just enough to protect your feet whenever you are dropping. Moreover, when you are climbing walls, the shoes should also bend at the front part to keep your toes from twisting.

Alternatively, never choose shoes with an excess amount of flexibility for this will not sustain your foot structure accordingly.

Appropriate Style and Color

This part of selection will likely depend on your preferences. There are various styles and shades of parkour shoes available on the market. Your purpose of finding the right footwear is not to look good, but to upgrade your skills without compromising your safety.

In case you are looking for parkour shoes that can match your casual style even while not in training, then you can settle for pairs with natural dark hues. There are also slim profile shoes that are appropriate for any top and pants.

Health Benefits of Parkour and Free Running

Many consider parkour as a pretty dangerous sport. However, it is still a wonder why more and more men and women are becoming interested in it. It may be due to the many benefits it can offer, which include the following:

1. Full Body Workout. You can achieve total body fitness with this activity since you will be jumping and running to overcome obstacles using all your muscles. Besides, you will also find it easy to improve your speed, coordination, balance, and agility with the sport.

2. Decision-Making Training. Parkour participants are tasked to think quickly to pass through obstacles accordingly without dropping or injuring one’s self.

3. Self-Confidence. The game requires speed. In just a matter of seconds, you need to make a decision while also considering your instincts. It builds trust to yourself, particularly in believing that your choice is correct.

4. Positive Outlook. You will be more social with the activity. According to studies, parkour enables you to deal with terrible instances, making your mental well-being enhanced.

5. Military Training. You can consider parkour as your stepping stone before joining the military training. It will give you a real startup in becoming fearless, quick, and healthy.


The facts above have proven that finding the best Parkour shoes is a must if you want to prevail in improving your skills. Despite tons of parkour footwear sold everywhere, the aspects given will provide you a shorter list of choices. Besides, aren’t the benefits enough reasons for you to pursue parkour? Obviously, those are sufficient to become a member of parkour group or create your own.


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