You may be wondering why you have to look for the best wrestling shoes, given that in the ancient times, wrestlers compete in bare feet. It may be customary previously, but they missed the support and comfort that footwear could provide. If you are looking for the answer to the question “What are the best wrestling shoes?”, you also have to consider different aspects. You need to find one that can support your movements without compromising comfort.

At present, you have various options for good wrestling shoes, but you have to know how to pinpoint a properly designed one. Remember, if you are opting to join high-level wrestling competitions, well-made footwear will help you better in obtaining success.

10 Best Wrestling Shoes in 2020

ShoeImageMaterialSole Type
ASICS Matflex 5 Check PriceTextile and SyntheticSolid Sole
ASICS Snapdown Check Priceleather/syntheticSolid Sole
Adidas Combat Speed 4 Check PriceLeatherHybrid Sole
ASICS JB Elite Check PriceSyntheticSplit Sole
ASICS Split Second 9 Check PriceSynthetic and meshSplit Sole
Asics Aggressor 2 Check PriceTextileSolid Sole
Asics Cael V6.0 Check PriceManmadeSplit Sole
Adidas adiZero Varner 2 Check PriceSynthetic/TextileHybrid Sole
Adidas Pretereo 2 Check PriceLeather and meshSolid Sole
ASICS Dan Gable Ultimate 4 Check Priceleather/syntheticHybrid Sole

Different Types of Wrestling Shoes

Before finding out the best wrestling shoes, you also have to take note of the footwear’s types. The categories of the product will help you narrow the choices available on the market, which gives you a hassle-free selection. Given below are the types of wrestling shoes you may consider:

Split Sole Wrestling Shoes:

This shoe may be your best shoes ever if you want extremely comfortable footwear. From the name itself, the sole of the shoes has a split at the bottom. This division is composed of dual and separate parts made of a rubber material. Apart from being an extremely convenient to use wrestling footwear, many wrestlers compliment how it mimics barefoot feeling perfectly. It implies that this shoe will promote quicker and more flexible movements while on the mat.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional wrestler, this is a good pair to consider. It offers lightness on your feet perfectly, which is crucial in competitions.

Non-Split Sole Wrestling Shoes:

Others consider this type of footwear as the best looking wrestling shoes due to its unified sole. In other words, the sole stretches from the toe to the heel. You will also find it in a flatter construction. Consequently, it will assist in providing extra traction on the mat. Similar to the split sole wrestling shoes, it is airy and lightweight.

The problem with this type of wrestling shoes is its reduced flexibility. But still, it becomes a choice for some since it is extra durable than the split sole shoes. It can be credited to its rubber-made sole that covers the more sensitive materials of the shoes.

How To Choose Cool Wrestling Shoes?

Best Wrestling Shoes in 2018

Similar to searching for sports footwear, you have to consider aspects when finding top wrestling shoes. There are also attributes of the shoe that make it more desirable to invest. It is worth to note that you should not be penny-pinching when it comes to preparing for wrestling competitions. If you want to win, you must be willing to pay for the price. Nonetheless, it does not imply that all expensive wrestling shoes are must-buys.

Snug Fit

The top-rated wrestling shoes for you are a pair that will fit your feet snugly, giving you utmost comfort. According to professionals, you should find one that fits like a glove. Unlike other sports that require extra space for toes, wrestling shoes should not be loosely fitted. This issue could lead to negative influences to your ankle support or flexibility. You will find that most popular wrestling shoes are tight because this aspect promotes better stability, mobility, traction, injury protection, and speed among others.

As a rule of thumb, you should look for footwear that is 50 percent smaller than your regular shoes. You do not have to worry since it will stretch over time.


The best wrestling shoe should make you feel that you are not wearing anything at all. It means you have to look for footwear that is the lightest possible. The use of wrestling shoes has been recommended to promote the protection of your feet in matches, which is not traditional in the previous times. However, it is also a rule that shoes must make you feel barefoot.

The coolest wrestling shoes that are light will help you remain on your toes. The materials are often the basis for this aspect. If you need lightweight shoes, search for thinner outer soles. Avoid extra cushioning or padding and search for mesh material instead.

Good Grip and Traction

Good wrestling shoes make a lot of difference when it offers better grip and traction while on the mat. Various types of traction can enhance your skills based on your weight and mobility. The first type is called the circular traction pattern. New wrestling shoes may have this kind of traction technology, particularly intended for lightweight wrestlers. It prevents slippage at different angles and promotes swiveling movements of the foot.

Alternatively, you have V-shape traction. In contrary to the circular pattern, this shoe is designed for heavyweight wrestlers. It provides the best grip if you will probably be on your feet to concentrate on strong locks and throws.

High Ankle Support

The top wrestling shoes are designed to support your ankles as well. This feature is not obtainable from regular sneakers or running footwear. Particularly, ankle support is crucial to obtain the support and balance whenever you are looking for the best position. During this time, the extreme level of force is being applied on your ankles. The cool wrestling shoes with ankle support have a top length merely higher than the body part itself.

Whenever your ankles and feet move regardless of your weight force, it will support your ankle. Besides the shoe construction, there must be a suitable lacing system that will hug your ankles firmly. There are also cases that shoes have extra strap placed near the top area of the shoe’s front.

Integrated Lace Garage

The feature covers the lace tie ends. The design helps in avoiding cuts or scratches against your opponent. It will also assist in keeping your shoes tied up. The integrated lace garage is a crucial feature for your best wrestling shoes ever. Primarily, this attribute complies with the regulation on the lacing system for competitions.

It is also ideal for a fit that is firm enough regardless of your constant movement. Integrated lace garage is also designed to give you a lighter and more confident feeling while on a match. The lacing system will promote ankle protection without hassling you in adjusting the shoe fit comfortably.


You can determine the sustainability of best-looking wrestling shoes by examining the outsoles and upper material. It is best to find footwear with thick or rubber-made outsoles. Nonetheless, other options like synthetics and leathers may be considerable, given the longer-lasting service. Be reminded that not all expensive wrestling shoes are usable for extended periods of time. Costly footwear often concentrates on the performance, which implies that even cheaper pairs may even outlast it.

If you are a heavyweight wrestler, it is best to settle with leather shoes than nylon. If you are a beginner, it is considerable to buy nylon footwear, which will save you more money. Alternatively, if you are a lightweight professional wrestler, you should consider a more expensive nylon pair of shoes.

Rubber Soles

You should have a pair of wrestling shoes with rubber soles. The sole is a fundamental component of the footwear that can enhance your ability in sustaining balance and movement. If you are a lightweight wrestler, you should consider rubber-made split sole shoes to improve your flexibility, speed, and balance. On the other hand, heavyweight fighters should choose non-split sole shoes. The unisole pattern is beneficial when maintaining a firm stance on your feet.

Non-split sole made of rubber can distribute your weight proportionally. As long as your feet are planted on the ground, you will remain stable. It also has perks when throwing.

Regardless of your choice, you may also consider spiked soles. These are the ones that can affect balance but deliver the best traction.


Training and professional wrestlers require wrestling shoes that can offer ultimate flexibility. Your footwear should have a lot of versatility. If you are speaking about soles, you will find split sole wrestling shoes more flexible to use. Another considerable is the presence of flex grooves on footwear. These are located in the outsoles made of rubber that promote easy bending.

It is also imperative to look for thinner materials, giving way to moving freely at every angle. With various twists and turns in mind, you need wrestling footwear that will make you comfortable. The flexibility feature of wrestling shoes may also vary based on your skill level.

Shoe Size

Unlike other athletic footwear, you can consider your regular sneakers’ size when buying wrestling shoes. In case you have various types and sizes of shoes, simply begin with the most recent one. Considering old footwear may not be a good step since this may have stretched out too much already. Furthermore, when purchasing the shoe, you should be the one to check its fit. Check if your foot is not curving externally from the sides of your shoes.

If you are young, it is best to start with shoes that are around a thumb longer than your average size. In such way, you can still provide extra room for growth. It is also best to avoid too tight shoes for this will result in constricted blood flow.

Proper Air Ventilation

Some wrestlers purchase too sturdy footwear, resulting to poor ventilation for their feet. You have to remember that your feet also have to be protected from overheating. Apparently, the best materials you should consider for this aspect are mesh and nylon. Some shoes are made of leather all over, which is not a good thing. You will feel sweaty and hot wearing such kind of shoes.

Although leather guarantees durability, there are nylon and mesh materials at high quality, which can match its lasting performance. Moreover, leather does not mold to your feet properly unlike its counterparts, which is crucial if you want to experience comfort during games.

Synthetic Material and Mesh Upper

Different materials are making up wrestling shoes. Nonetheless, if you want the best choice, you may settle with synthetics, such as mesh and nylon. These are materials that are durable, lightweight, and do not stretch too much. Unlike leather, synthetics will not wear even after contracting for a long number of hours. As mentioned earlier, leather may be the toughest shoe material, but it does not offer ventilation required in wrestling.

Mesh upper is a good choice for wrestling shoes since this reduces excess moisture while competing. For a more simple selection of wrestling footwear with synthetic material and mesh upper, you should fit the shoes in person. Pick based on the feel of the shoes on your feet.


There are various styles of wrestling shoes on the market. Apparently, this aspect will completely be dependent on your preferences. If you are representing a school or a team, you should consider the distinct shades they want you to wear. Otherwise, pick a color based on your wants.

At present, wrestling shoes differ in materials used on the upper, soles, and lacing systems. The variations provide you the opportunity to add boldness or style to your training or competitive matches.

Difference Between Wrestling and Boxing Shoes

Regarding weight, form fit, boot-like construction, and flexibility, wrestling and boxing shoes can be considered similar. Other than these, here are the differences of the footwear:

1. Material. Wrestling shoes are often made of lightweight synthetics. Although this material is also suitable for boxing, boxers often use lightweight or suede leather.

2. Ankle Height. Although boxing shoes may come in a low-top variety, most athletes of the sport use big shoes since they have a higher chance of injuring their ankles. Other times, laces or Velcro band is used on the footwear.

3. Sole. Wrestling shoes have soles that promote enforced grip with rigidity. Alternatively, boxing shoes have even soles with grooves.

Final Thoughts

If you are a beginner in wrestling, you do not have to look for the best wrestling shoes with all the features given above. You may settle for the average quality ones first and upgrade as you enhance your skill as well. However, if you are a professional in the field, you must not compromise your competitive abilities by choosing cheap quality shoes.


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