There are a whole host of other shoe companies on the internet. Don’t worry, we know. If you wanted to buy a pair of Nikes, for example, you could very easily be somewhere else. But you’re here, and for that, we are grateful. At FootGearLab, we recognize how important it is to provide reviews on the best products for the lowest prices. We understand that you’ve heard about other shoe review sites and generalized footwear sites, we get that. Even though that’s true, there are a whole other issues that will come up when it comes down finding the best shoes. For some people, they’re not concerned with style. Rather than looking good, they’re more worried about feeling good. This is something that can happen when people have foot problems like plantar fasciitis, bunions, flat feet, high arches and all sorts of other problems. These individuals often don’t have access to the best shoes around, but at FootGearLab, we’re going to arm these individuals with knowledge. This knowledge will help you not only know how to understand what shoes are the best in terms of style, but you’re going to know which shoes will help you properly wear the sneakers and enjoy life.

FootGearlab isn’t just about materialism, this is all about getting the best products to really enjoy your life. Aside from shoes, we promote all sorts of other footwear, making us the go-to destination for boot reviews as well as shoe reviews. For people worried about the best kinds of slides, sandals, and other extraneous shoes, these are also things you should keep in mind when you’re looking to find the best shoe for you. But at FootGearLab, we’re not alone. While we are just one component of the team, we also have the brilliant mind of Susan Zalis, perhaps one of the world’s foremost shoe experts in term of passion and know-how. This means that you’re not only getting tremendous insight in the best products to buy, but you’ll also be able to pick the brain of some the brightest minds in the shoe game.

Overall, we’re not building a website for the sake of money, we’re building a community. We love shoes and footwear so much, and we want to ensure that you can enjoy the community just the same. By the end of it, you’ll not only be armed with knowledge, but you’ll be able to literally walk away with a spiffy new pair of sneakers.

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Susan Zalis Editor of FootGearLab.