Registered nurses are busy individuals. They work long hours in hospitals or outpatient facilities. They spend their entire shift providing hands-on care to patients. They conduct rounds administering medications, monitoring and observing the conditions of patients, and maintaining records of all activities and procedures conducted within a certain period.

Nurses also need to constantly communicate with doctors to promptly update them of any changes or observations concerning the patient. Senior nurses are even charged with supervising and giving directions to nurse aids and other hospital staff.

Nurses can spend the entire day standing or walking around to attend to all the patient’s needs. Hence, there is a great need for them to wear the best shoes for nurses.

Nurses not only provide medical aid and physical support to patients. Their presence also provides emotional support for the patients and their families. They are also charged with educating patients on their respective medical conditions, disease management, home care treatments and other relevant information to assist the patient in every way.

10 Best Shoes for Nurses on Feet All Day in 2020

Best Women’s Shoes for Nurses

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Best Men’s Shoes for Nurses

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What to Look for When Choosing the Best Nursing Shoes?

Best Shoes for Nurses on Feet All Day in 2018

What are the best shoes for nurses? Given the nature of their work, nurses need to take extra attention to detail in choosing the best pair of shoes that will be their partner at work. More than the physical look and appeal of the shoes, the following features must be considered:


The most comfortable nursing shoes are those that provide sufficient support for the heels and arch. They have to have ample cushion to be able to cradle the feet but still allow easy movement. Nurses spend a lot of time walking and standing so it is extremely important for them to have durable yet comfortable footwear.

It is advisable to invest on the best shoes for nursing students as well, since they need to train their feet and legs to get used to the proper footwear. They need to be well adjusted to the kind of workload and the hours that they need to spend standing up. Hence, this is a worthy investment which will help them avoid any injuries early on.

Arch Support

Because of the strain and the pressure that the feet experiences when they are not able to rest for long periods, it is important to have shoes that provide ample support especially in the arch area. Stress in the tendons could lead to more serious injuries which will be detrimental to the health and well-being of the nurse. Good shoes for nurses need to be designed to hold and support the arch of the feet and to limit the movement of heel when walking or running. Nurses’ shoes must be able to support and hold the shape and the contours of the feet.

Slip-Resistant Shoes

Nurses move a lot, and they need to move fast especially in cases of emergency. Hence, they need durable, slip-resistant shoes that would enable them to be quick and agile without hurting their knees and ankles. Another thing to consider is the usual condition of hospitals and medical facilities. Spills and blood on floors are normal sights in any hospital. A nurse must have shoes that will help keep them from slipping on the floor. Having slip-resistant shoes will protect them from hurting themselves while on duty.

Appropriate Style and Color

White is the usual color worn and chosen by nurses. After all, medical and nursing schools require students to wear white as part of their uniform. However, in the workplace, nurses are still allowed to pick an appropriate style and color that shows off their personality. For as long as they provide the comfort and the protection that they need, there are practically no restrictions to the style of shoes that they wish to carry.

Cute nursing shoes that come with colorful prints and designs are available nowadays. Nurses assigned in pediatric wards and nurseries have been seen to sport these types of shoes as they are pleasing to the eyes and make them appear a lot friendlier. While it is still best to choose function over design, nurses can still pick the style that they want for as long as they do not distract patients and harm themselves in the process.

Right Size

Having the right shoe size is of paramount importance. No matter how expensive,or how durable the shoes are, they will not be able to give the right kind of support and protection if they do not fit properly. Nurses must fit and test their shoes for ease and comfort in walking and running before actually buying them. Having the wrong shoe size could also make the nurses susceptible to injury.

Sole Grip and Safety

Shoes for nurses require a special type of sole that can take enough stress and will endure through days of walking and standing. Most importantly, it has to have a solid grip especially when walking and running through slick surfaces and slippery floors. The nurses’ safety is of grave importance and picking shoes that they can wear through all possible conditions is a must.


Good nursing shoes offers greater stability by providing additional cushions that limits excessive motion that might be harmful for the feet and ankles. They should also provide good heel support that will allow greater resistance to pressure. This will enable nurses to move fast while still securing that the feet will have a safe impact whenever it steps on the floor.

Lightweight Shoes

The right shoes to wear should be light and easy to use. This allows nurses to remain nimble and to respond to emergencies quickly. Heavy shoes would also not be advisable since nurses are up on their feet most of the time. They need shoes that will not add to the strain and stress that their feet and legs already need to endure every working day.

What Are The Different Types of Nursing Shoes?


Sneakers are essentially designed for sports and other types of physical exercise. However, nurses have grown to love the functionality and comfort offered by sneakers and other athletic shoes. These shoes are primarily created to provide maximum comfort even in extreme conditions. Hence, it is an ideal choice for nurses who are constantly on the move.

Athletic shoes are also built with high-quality arch and heel support. This provides the physical protection that nurses need and allows them to go about their jobs without causing harm to their feet, legs and back. Nurses are already prone to these medical conditions because their legs and feet are always under a lot of stress.


Slip-ons are also very popular among nurses as they are incredibly easy to use. They are usually made of lightweight materials and still provide ample support for the heel and arch.


Clogs, just like slip-ons, are very convenient to use and are also lightweight. These types of shoes are equipped with appropriate padding to reduce stress and discomfort, and provide appropriate support.

Why Do Nurses Need Comfortable Nursing Shoes?

Because of the nature of their work and the need to be able to move around fast, it is a must to have comfortable shoes for nurses. Nurses work for about 12–15 hours per day, and most of the time they are either standing or walking around. Sometimes, they also need to carry heavy supplies and push hospital equipment. This puts a great strain on their feet and legs.

Without the proper support of good shoes, nurses experience pain and extreme discomfort in their lower extremities. They are more susceptible to experiencing arthritis and heel spurs, and are prone to overstretching the muscles and tendons that hold up the foot arch. These conditions are easily aggravated if they do not wear the proper nursing shoes.

Why Do Nurses Wear Clogs?

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Wearing clogs is very common among nurses. This type of white leather nursing shoes provides sufficient support for the feet which the nurses need to sustain them during long hours of standing and walking. Since clogs cover the entire foot, they serve to protect the nurses’ feet from possible work-related injuries. They prevent the feet from being exposed to harmful chemical and other liquids that may spill or from falling objects. Moreover, clogs are made of durable material which is suitable for the nature of their work.

Clogs provide support for the feet, back, knee, and ankle. Since they are very comfortable to wear, they also ease the tension and pressure on these areas. It is important, though, to choose comfort over looks. Some clogs may look pretty enough but may not be able to provide the necessary support and comfort needed to last the nurses’ shift.

Clogs should provide maximum comfort and should be easy to wear. Nurses should be able to slip them on and off their feet with great ease and convenience.

Why Nursing Shoes Are Different From Others?

best work shoes for nurses need to be extra durable and comfortable to be able to support the nurse’s body weight and movement all throughout the day. Unlike other professions, nurses are not able to sit down and rest their feet as much as they want. Most of them are required to stand up for long hours as they assist patients and doctors especially in the conduct of medical procedures. Nurses also need to go around the entire medical facility to administer treatments and medications. Hence, they need highly comfortable nursing shoes that are at the same time light and easy to wear.

Nurses also need shoes that are easy to clean and sanitize. At many times during the day depending on their assigned stations, nurses may be required to visit sterile areas. They need shoes that can easily be cleaned and dried.

How to Find Nursing Shoes for Your Needs?

It is important to know how to find the best shoes for nurses on feet all day. Buying these shoes is an investment for nurses, and they need to find shoes that give them great value for their money.

It is first very important to understand the shape of one’s feet and the manner by which one’s weight is displaced when standing or walking. Different shoes work for different people, so it is essential to understand one’s own needs before buying a pair, instead of simply getting what other people are using.

Nurses may also consider any medical or physical condition that they may have before deciding on what shoes to buy. Some shoes especially cater to certain needs such as flat feet, wide feet, or high arches. Some nurses may also need to wear different shoes when they are suffering from back or leg pain, bunions or when they are pregnant, also nurses suffering from plantar fasciitis.

Understanding one’s needs helps nurses in making the right choice. This in turn allows them to function better and do their job more efficiently.

Are Nursing Shoes for Men Different From Women’s?

Nursing shoes for men and women vary slightly in the sense that there are differences in the size and shape of their respective feet and body structure. Heavier men would definitely require greater protection in terms of heel and arch support than the average-sized women. In most areas, however, the same features and attributes need to be looked into before buying a pair of shoes for nurses.


Finding the best nursing shoes is highly important. Ultimately, the health and well-being of nurses arevery essential to ensure that they are able to provide the services that are needed from them. Nurses are special people whose main goal is to provide support and care for all their patients.

For most patients, they are a source of physical and emotional strength. To maintain their health and ensure that they can continue doing their jobs of caring and providing medical aid to their patients, it is imperative that they equip themselves with the proper gear. In that way, they will be able to keep serving everyone in an efficient manner.


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