For quite some time, Sanita clogs were relatively unknown in the states, and Dansko was the clog of choice for employees in a variety of industries, specifically in industries where workers spend long periods of time on their feet. Over time, however, Sanita began to gain more and more popularity in the same industries, resulting in some confusion over what exactly sets these two companies apart?

Sanita vs Dansko has become a topic for years, given the great qualities of the high-quality footwear choices, which make it more difficult for consumers to compare. Even if you keep on evaluating Dansko vs Sanita, you will end up considering the two as excellent shoes concerning quality and comfort. About aesthetics, the two also have significant similarities. For more than 17 years, Dansko footwear has been produced by Sanita.

Despite the same shoe name and layout of footwear, you should not be confused in buying a new pair of either Dansko or Sanita clogs. It is still feasible to figure out which is the best option depending on your preferences.

Sanita vs Dansko Professional Clogs

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Sanita Clogs

Clogs comparison reviews provide you the opportunity to compare even the mere differences of the two famous clogs. Particularly, there was Sanita Dansko partnership before, but it changed when the two decided to go their separate ways. Most of the time, you will find Sanita claiming itself as the original Danish clog. The brand won it big when it comes to providing your body support from a long day of standing. If you have pronation-affected feet, Sanita shoes are the ideal choices.

Moreover, you will notice that comparing Sanitas shoes vs Dansko shoes will give you an individual variation. The former’s sole material is stiff. However, there is a high-quality shock absorption feature. It makes the footwear ideal for walking. You can even spread your toes conveniently since the toe room is spacious. Sanita clogs vs Dansko clogs also reveal that the former shoe is better for narrow feet.

Ideal for walking
Highly comfortable
Supports the back and feet
Accepted by American Podiatric Medical Association
Excellent shock absorption quality
Does not have much lateral support

Dansko Clogs

Dansko versus Sanita often highlights the fact that the former company has been bringing back footwear from Denmark over two decades ago. Dansko was able to sell their clogs in the United States due to the high demand of the footwear.

Apart from clogs comparison review focusing on the former, you also have to consider the quality of footwear coming from a company that was once a distributor of Sanita clogs. If you try to have a recap of Sanita clogs reviews and compare it with Dansko based on appearance, you will notice that the latter’s footwear bottom is different. The new outsole of Dansko clogs has a wider base for the heels. It implies that there will be reduced ankle twisting and extra stability. Dansko clogs are somehow expanded but shorter.

Sanita versus Dansko evaluation will give you a quicker way of recognizing a Dansko shoe. Usually, you will find it in leather material and clean construction. Similar to Sanita, it has been accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Good shock absorption
Lateral stability
Softer and wider heel cavity
Extra secure heel strike
Commonly made of leather
Does not support the back and knees well

What to Look for in Sanita and Dansko Clogs?

Sanita vs Dansko Clogs

When comparing Sanita vs Dansko clogs, you have to consider various aspects, which are almost identical to factors when buying your regular sneakers. To provide you a guideline on this matter, here are the attributes to look for in clogs:

Snug Fit

If you are looking for Sanita nursing clogs, you should consider a snug fit. Remember, fitting clogs is different when picking sneakers based on size. It is regardless of the presence of clog back. You will find clogs fit to be less tight. If you check out Dansko clogs reviews, you will be advised to land your heel at the footpad’s edge.

By doing so, you will be able to manage the clogs’ movement without losing grip. If you fit clogs back, you should remember that these are constructed to restrict the chances of the shoe sliding off from your foot. They have to be somewhat loose so that movement, either upward or downward, will still take place.

As a rule of thumb, you should let at least a quarter inch at the back of the heel. Providing the said allowance will let the clog move accordingly. It will also protect you from foot strain and blisters development.

Shoe Size

Once you are done comparing Sanita and Dansko clogs, you may proceed to consider the size of footwear to buy. Similar to other shoes, you also have to take regard of the magnitude, which is not too tight or loose for a comfortable walk or runs. The measure of clogs to buy may vary depending on the material or make. For instance, you need to look for a one-size larger shoe for clogs made of wooden material. Th is to provide extra space for wearing socks or stuffing straw.

Otherwise, Sanita and Dansko chef shoes are already available in different sizes based on regular measurements. You will determine if the footwear is the right size when your foot’s back does not rub against the clog. If you are going to purchase online or from a different country of origin, always check the size comparison chart online. It is also imperative to give attention to size variances for men, women, and unisex pairs.

If you can find clogs in nearby stores, the better it is for you. It will allow you to determine the right shoe size for Dansko nursing clogs by fitting.

Sanita Size Chart:

Sanita Size Chart

Dansko Size Chart:

Dansko Size Chart

Quality of Material

You will find many Dansko kitchen clogs made of different materials. It goes the same way with Sanita chef clogs. Previously, the conventional material utilized for the footwear is wood, which is known for its extra durability yet firm feel. In time, wood became outdated, giving way to more modern materials like leather. Nonetheless, there are still clogs that make use of cork or wood sole with an upper design made from leather. The material proved to be durable, which is why adding it to the construction of shoes could never go wrong.

Other materials that may make up Dansko or Sanita kitchen clogs include synthetics, fabric, plastic, and rubber. The choice of equipment will largely depend on the comfort factor. There are cases that even your personal style could also be regarded. Since you will be wearing clogs for walking most of the time, look for a breathable material. It is imperative to look for construction that will not allow moisture buildup.

Whenever moisture accumulates inside the clogs, there will be discomfort and blisters development. It is still best for the shoes to be dry all the time. If you will consider breathable material, it is understandable overheating will never be a worry at all.

Comfort and Cushioning

Comfort in using clogs can be met by choosing the right construction. Usually, clogs are often released in whole sizes. In case you have a narrow or wide foot, the clogs should have an adjustable feature to tweak its fit. Various components can make this happen, such as vamps and straps. This will provide either less or more space for your foot.

You will also have extra comfort if the clogs have substantial arch support. This attribute is meant for a worker who spends long hours standing, walking, or even running.

To avoid shocks whenever your feet make contact with the floor, you should look for sufficient cushion. If you walk on the harder surface, there will be more damage when you accidentally have a stiffer contact. Take note that this shock may affect not only your feet, but also your joints, spine, and knees. In case you will wear clogs throughout the day, look for air cushioning.

If you cannot find such cushioning features, many footwear options are now available with shock absorbent technologies.


You can define the security of clogs in many ways. You can begin with its protection against slippage. It is imperative to look for shoes that have a high slip resistance. It can be enforced by the extra grip of the footwear’s grip. Apart from this, your clogs should be washable.

The term washable implies that your shoes can resist stains. Regardless of your work setting, you will not be able to avoid splashes or spills all the time. Shoes designed to be repeatedly cleaned will help you address hygiene issues more efficiently.

As much as possible, you have to look for clogs with antistatic soles. This shoe feature will disperse the static electricity collection from your body. There are even higher quality clogs that could generate considerable protection from live circuits’ electrical risks.

Toe caps are also must-haves in clogs. These are useful in protection against sharp or heavy materials. It may increase your shoe weight if made from steel, but it is worth the functionality. If you prefer a lightweight cap, you may take regard of composite materials.

Appropriate Style

You do not have to compromise your style whenever you are searching for hard-wearing clogs. It is still possible to obtain an attractive pair of shoes while ensuring your feet’s protection. At present, there are several clogs released differing in color combinations, sizes, and added features. Find one that will suit your uniform or casual wear without feeling unattractive.

Are Sanita Clogs Wider Than Dansko?

In general, Sanita clogs are said to be narrower than Dansko clogs. Overall both brands are designed to provide a looser fit for the wearer, as there should be some movement of the foot while walking, but consumers report that Dansko clogs are more comfortable for people with wider feet.

This can also be reinforced by many of the product descriptions for a lot of Dansko clogs stating that certain clogs have a wider construction, especially in the heel area, which can provide some extra stability, especially during long periods of time walking and standing.

Are Dansko and Sanita Clogs the Same?

Sanita has an inspiring origin story, as it began in 1907, when a shoemaker, Christian Meldgaard Andersen created the first hand-carved wooden clog, which eventually became known as the “Original Danish Clog” in his workshop located in Denmark, and began selling them in his local area. Ever since then Sanita has made it a priority to maintain the quality craftsmanship and attention to detail that Christian used in his work since the very beginning.

The Dansko company began in 1990, when Mandy Cabot and Peter Kjellerup traveled to Europe and discovered the Sanita clogs that were being sold in Denmark. They were both former horse trainers, and while traveling they were looking for the perfect barn shoe. They decided that the clogs made by Sanita were exactly what they were looking for. They came back to the United States with as many pairs of clogs they could bring with them to give to their friends and family, and eventually began selling them out of the back of their station wagon.

With the creation of the Dansko company, Sanita began manufacturing their clogs to be sold by Dansko in the United States. They were the same product, sold by two different companies. Even after the partnership formed, Sanita continued to manufacture and sell their clogs under their own brand in Europe.
In August of 2007, Sanita and Dansko officially ended their partnership. Afterward, Sanita continued to produce their clogs in Denmark and Poland, and also continued selling in the United States.

In 2008 Dansko began manufacturing their own clogs in China, and continued selling in the United States.

Up until the ending of the partnership in 2007, every clog sold by Dansko was the exact same clog sold by Sanita, with the same patent number and all. This can be proven by looking at the patent number 0060240 that is actually printed on every Dansko clog sold before 2007.

Dansko and Sanita both share very close similarities in their shoe construction and design, but because they are now two different manufacturers, there are some differences in their products.

Do Sanita Clogs Run Smaller Than Dansko?

Overall, consumers have reported that Sanita clogs do indeed run smaller than Dansko clogs, specifically in the width of the clog.

However, if you look at online reviews of a few different clogs manufactured by both companies, you’ll find that Sanita clogs are usually rated on the smaller side, while Dansko clogs are rated to fit true to size, or a bit bigger.

So taking this into consideration, if you’re ordering Sanita clogs, you make want to try getting a size up from what you normally wear, and with Dansko clogs, you’ll be more likely to fit more comfortably in your normal size.

How Do Sanita Clogs Fit Compared to Dansko?

Many consumers report that Sanita clogs are narrower while being a bit longer, and that Dansko clogs are wider and a bit shorter.

Taking what we discussed above into consideration, if you’re ordering Sanita clogs, you may want to try getting a size up from what you normally wear, and with Dansko clogs, you’ll be more likely to fit more comfortably in your normal size.

Another difference that has been reported by consumers is that Dansko clogs come with a wider heel, which can help with more stability and less ankle rolling, and a wider heel cavity as well. It has also been said that Dansko clogs come with more shock absorption and a softer heel cavity when compared to Sanita clogs.

Other consumers have reported that there have been some inconsistencies in Dansko clogs since their partnership with Sanita ended. Specifically, it has been said that Dansko’s new heel design and higher arch are uncomfortable to consumers, which can cause ankle instability in fast-paced, long day environments, which are often the most common place their shoes are being used. It has also been said that Sanita clogs fit more consistently overall.

Something the two brands have in common is their high arch, which may take some getting used to, along with the clog design in general, which is unlike most shoe styles made today.

Another difference between the brands is the piping trim. Sanita clogs do not come with a rubber piping trim, while Dansko clogs do come with the piping trim. This part is personal preference, as some people like the piping trim found on Dansko clogs, while other people find it uncomfortable.

One thing to consider when buying these shoes from either company is that they are handmade, which tends to result in some variance between each shoe, even if they are the same size. Some consumers have said that Sanita clogs have a more consistent fit, while Dansko clogs are a little too inconsistent in their fit.

In terms of height, Sanita clogs have a heel height of 1.75 inches, and a platform height of 0.75 inches. Dansko clogs have a heel height of 2 inches, and a platform height of 0.5 inches.

One thing the two different manufacturers have in common is their seal of approval from the American Podiatric Medical Association. This means that through a set of tests, the APMA has determined that these shoes will be supportive of the wearer’s foot health.

What Is the Difference Between Sanita and Dansko?

For many years, people have been asking the difference between Dansko and Sanita. Despite the separation of the once united companies, both have gained recognition in the footwear industry. This is well explained by the high quality of clogs each brand offers.

To determine whether you are wearing Sanita or Dansko, the first component you have to check is your footwear’s sole. If your shoes have been manufactured before 2008, you will see “00600240” patent. This implies that your clogs have been built in compliance to their patented made.

There is also a possibility that you can encounter Dansko pair having Sanita stamp on the bottom. The same patent may also be seen. This is only possible if the Dansko clogs are timeworn. Otherwise, you will find redesigned Dansko clogs having no license number. This indicates that the shoes were manufactured after the two companies separated.

The new pairs of Dansko are produced by different firms worldwide. However, it must be noted that the Sanita counterpart still inspires the re-designed products. Dansko reiterated that they had enforced improvements, particularly more secure heel strike, improved lateral stability, enhanced aesthetics, and upgraded shock absorption. This is unlike Sanita, which still produces its original product with consistency.

How to Take Care of Sanita and Dansko Clogs?

With the proper care for your clogs, you can guarantee that it will last a lifetime. There are different ways of maintaining your footwear properly, which include the following:

1. Use Protector Spray. You should use a protector spray dedicated to the material of your shoes. This must be applied before wearing.

2. Know When to Wear Clogs. It is advisable to wear clogs when the weather is dry. If the forecast declared possible rain, you should avoid using the footwear first.

3. Re-Sole Regularly. Your clogs will last longer if the sole is frequently replaced. However, you should not use the shoe not until the sole was changed. Otherwise, the shoe material will wear down quickly.

4. Do Not Machine Wash. Although clogs can be washable, you should not throw it into the machine. Clean it using a clean cloth and soapy water.

5. Store it Properly. Find a storage area that is wet, extremely hot, or cold. Keep it at room temperature, especially if it is made from leather.

Sanita or Dansko: Which Is Better?

The choice between Sanita vs Dansko will largely depend on your personal preferences. The two may have differences, but it can be concluded that both offer high-quality footwear for long-lasting use. Even though they have variations in aesthetics, the two shoe products still offer iconic styles that can match any clothing.

Most probably, if you are looking for extra features, Dansko new clogs are best purchased. Alternatively, Sanita is the right pick if you still want to use the iconic clogs of the two companies with the same materials.


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