How to Tie Bean Boots?

Bean boots are one of the most functional and stylish footwear that anyone can add to their collection. They are needed especially during winter. Bean boots have their own stylish and unique vibe, but you can make them better and smarter by learning how to tie them. Not only will it help make your bean boots more functional and more appealing, but you can also feel more confident.

What are Bean Boots?

Bean boots or Maine hunting shoes are water-resistant duck boots that are made by the company L.L.Bean. They are made from a leather upper and a rubber sole. Bean boots were created in 1911, and they were immediately a hit.

The boots became a part of the overall clothing of those from elite prep schools. In the 2010s, bean boots were so fashionable that there was a shortage of production. Thus the demand for double the production was made to accommodate the customers. This type of boots became a part of the prep fashion because of its stylish and classic design and its use in elite prep schools in England.

A handbook called them the second most important footwear after loafers in the male’s wardrobe. The manufacturing of bean boots experienced a shortage, and one of the reasons behind it was that the boots were made in Maine and they were stitched by hand, so it made the manufacture of the boots slow.

How to tie Bean Boots?

Now that you know more about bean boots, the important question is, how do you tie it? Here are some ways on how to tie your bean boots:

Step 1 – The Traditional Lacing Method.

During winter, it is essential for you to wear jeans that are skinny or leggings. Accessorizing this look with bean boots is a way to make this overall outfit look more stylish and appealing. You can do the traditional lacing method in cases like this. To be able to pull this off, you need to pull on a long sock over the bottom part of your skinny jeans or your leggings. You can them instantly slip your boots. Once you have it worn, you can tie the laces to the top of the boots. You can also pull the laces from one side to another alternately. This will form a crisscross in front of your boots.

Step 2 – The Curled Lacing Method.

Another way to tie your boots is by using the curled lacing method. It requires you to leave your boots untied then obtain ends that are curled. You also need to leave a couple of grommets unlaced on top of your boots so the laces will be long enough for you to hold.

You need to hold the topmost part of your lace, at least on one side. You need to hold it around an inch or two away from the bean boot. You can then let the remaining part of the lace hang. You can then fold the lace over and then you can provide it with a twist.

Beginning at the bottom part of the lace that you have twisted, you can find the footwear, and you need to wrap the remaining part of the lace of your boot around the folded part. You can continue going in circles until you see a small loop that is left at the end.

The end part should be placed in the loop. Once you are done, you can pull the lace tightly. It should create a curl that is strong enough. It should not go untied even if you take your boots on and off.

Step 3 – Tie the Laces in a Bow.

This is another way on how to tie your bean boot laces fashionably and correctly. This method can help ensure that the laces do not look scattered. Tying the laces loosely are more effortless, and it makes you look relaxed. You need to loosen all of the strings, and you can then feel that your feet are secure.

Step 4 – The Untied Method.

If you want to feel freer and if you want to move around with ease while wearing your boots, then you can use the untied method. It can give you more space to move when you are walking, and you can also tuck your jeans inside since you will have plenty of room. If you have short laces, you can leave it untied, so you do not accidentally drag the laces to the ground. This method works perfectly when you wear khakis.

Where Can You Buy Bean Boots?

Aside from L.L. Bean, you can purchase bean boots almost anywhere. You can check on shoe stores, or you can also go online. All that matters is that you purchase the boots with the best quality and the one that fits right so that you will feel comfortable when you walk around.


It is not that difficult to learn how to tie your bean boots, all that it takes is the right jeans and the right lace. You can also pair the boots with different outfits, by doing this you can improve when it comes to fashion and boost your confidence.

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