How Many Calories Do You Burn Standing All Day

Last updated on September 18th, 2018

How Many Calories Do You Burn Standing All Day

For centuries, human beings have been living increasingly sedentary lives. Today, the average american will spend far more time sitting in a car or at the office than they do standing or walking around. There is increasing evidence that the cumulative effects of this lifestyle contribute to adverse health effects, including obesity.

Stand up and lose weight

One quick and easy way to burn calories is by simply standing at the office instead of sitting.

The average person burns around fifty calories in an hour or twelve-hundred in a day. The typical work day is around eight hours and today, many jobs are entirely sedentary. That means someone could burn two hundred calories just by standing behind their desks for half the day.

Standing All Day at work

The spread of adjustable desks that enable standing has lead millions of workers to change their habits at work. While this is a very positive develop, it can be hard to develop good practices if your feet are hurting because of them. Thankfully, there are many techniques as well as shoes that will allow you to stand in comfort all day long.

One of the best practices for those just starting to stand at work is to take frequent brakes. Its not easy to stand for long stretches at first if you are not already used to doing so. Make it easier on your self by starting with smaller increments, as little as 5 or 10 minutes is okay, and then gradually working up from there. It will also help avoid bad habits that develop from fatigue like slouching.

For those who are ready to take it to the next level and are looking to burn as many calories as possible don’t make it harder on yourself than you need to. Brakes are still recommended and its important to wear the right shoes.

Comfortable Shoes for Standing

Many offices or occupations require formal attire like heals or dress shoes for men. Unfortunately, these may look great but are often extremely uncomfortable. However, there are many alternatives that are suitable for any workplace. Here are some great work shoes for standing.

Many brands, including Clark and Dr. Martens, produce many comfortable shoes for men that will still look great with any suit without costing a fortune. The same companies also have lots of options for women that receive similarly high ratings from consumers and analysts. In addition to the two brands mentioned above, shoes from Mephisto and Propet receive consistently high reviews.

The key advantage to having versatile footwear like this is that it can be worn anywhere. Carrying a second pair of shoes is a hassle and who wants go home to change shoes in the middle of the day? You may spend a lot or most of the day behind a desk but the day may take you anywhere and the best way to be prepared is by wearing shoes like these that are comfortable but will also look good enough for any occasion.

Casual Options

What about workers who don’t need the versatility and want to focus more on comfort. Crocs have long been known for making the some easiest to wear shoes on the market. While some models are certainly more casual, the company also makes many alternatives that are great for the workplace.

What about shoes for professions that already spend much of the day standing or require more durable footwear? Timberland has been a reliable producer of comfortable workbooks for both men and women. They set the standard by being strong enough to handle the requirements of any job while also being affordable for any budget.

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