Lower Back Pain From Standing All Day

Last updated on September 18th, 2018

Lower Back Pain From Standing All Day

Work can be a drag.  Sometimes it can be boring, long, and feel unrewarding.  What makes work even worse is when it takes a physical toll on your body.  Regardless of how you feel towards your job, you may be at risk of developing pains and back issues if you end up standing all day.  Even if you remain relatively active, you can still develop pain that will take some time to manifest and even longer to go away.  What you need is a solution that will help to resolve your pain while allowing you to work.

More often than not, the #1 solution to how to solve lower back pain from standing all day is to invest in an excellent pair of shoes.  Designed to be the best shoes for standing long hours, they often include designs specifically put in for those who will be on their feet for a long time.  Let’s take a moment to review how lower back pain may develop as well as look at different brands of shoes you can wear to reduce and even eliminate lower back pain from your daily grind.

Lower Back Pain From Standing

Lower back pain often develops when individuals stand for a prolonged period of time.  There are several reasons why you might develop lower back pain through standing.  The first reason is that your body is simply unprepared to stand for that long.  It may take some time for your muscles to develop and eliminate the pressure you are putting on your back.  Another issue may be the shoes you are wearing.  The average pair of shoes you can buy are not designed to last longer than a few months if used continuously.  When the shoes begin to break down through use, you lose a lot of the support that the shoes provide, leaving you with higher risk of injuring your back.

Thankfully, the solution to fixing your lower back pain is rather simple.  By purchasing the correct pair of shoes, you can continue to work while your shoes take care of better distributing your weight and reducing the back pain that you are feeling.  Below we have several shoe brands you should consider.  All of them address the issues you experience by coming with extra cushioning, by being better constructed, and by being designed to shift how you use your feet to reduce injury to various parts of your body.  While they may be a little more expensive, they none-the-less will provide you with far better support than the run of the mill shoes you purchase on the cheap.

Shoes for People who Stand All Day

1. Reebok Work n’ Cushion

Need to look professional while remaining on your feet?  The Reebok Work n’ Cushion is designed for you.  As the name would imply, the Work n’ Cushion looks professional and can be used in a wide variety of work conditions.  In addition to looking great, the shoes are also a good way to get the cushioning you need.  With DMX Ride technology, Reebok has gone the distance to provide you with a comfortable pair of daily use shoes.

2. Skechers For Work

Take the iconic look and comfort of Skechers and apply it to the office to get the Skechers For Work.  Comfortable, professional, and low key, these shoes work in a variety of work environments and will keep you pain free.

3. Skechers Foam Sneaker

Another top option, the Skechers Foam Sneakers is typically rated among the best shoes for long-term daily use.  Utilizing Flex groove outsoles, you can remain free of back pain even as you remain on your feet throughout the day.

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