Why My Feet Hurt From Standing All Day

Last updated on September 17th, 2018

Why My Feet Hurt From Standing All Day

There are countless ways to earn a living. Some manage to take a toll on our health and wellbeing if we are not careful. In particular, jobs that require us to stand all day place an undo burden on our feet, legs, knees, and hips. Remaining healthy requires being proactive and finding ways to help cushion impacts and preserve the health and wellbeing of your feet.

The last thing anyone wants is to become injured, especially if their job requires they stay mobile and active. To help make it easier, let’s take a moment to answer the question of why my feet hurt from standing all day, as well as what to look for in shoes you buy if you want to limit the damage to your body. With any luck, you will find something that keeps you happy, healthy, and mobile.

Why Do My Feet Hurt From Standing All Day?

People are meant to stand. The reason why it can be challenging and why our feet hurt is that we may not be ready for it without some preparation. Many people switching to a more active job will find that pain in their feet occurs pretty quickly after starting. Some of this pain will go away naturally as your body gets accustomed to it. If the pain persists, then it may have something do with your shoes.

The lifespan of a pair of shoes will change dramatically based on what brand and style of shoe you are wearing. Wearing the right shoes can dramatically reduce the amount of pain you feel from standing all day. Also, consider how long your shoe is meant to last. As the shoe breaks down from use, it will provide less and less cushion for your body, resulting in experiencing more discomfort.

To address the issues of being on your feet all day, different shoe brands have released shoes designed to help you stay active and pain free. These shoes are specifically designed to last, providing superior comfort in the process. They may cost you a little more money, but the amount you save in the long run in terms of pain is priceless. When searching through online reviews, look for those in careers where they are on their feet a lot and see whether or not the shoes lasted for at least 6 months. If the shoes last the test of time, then consider getting them.

Brands You Should Consider Getting

There are a number of top contenders when it comes to the best shoes for being on your feet all day.

1. Skechers Foam Sneaker

The sleek designs of these shoes are matched by a design that minimizes impacts when stepping. The foam design relieves the stress on your feet, providing a stable and more comfortable experience.

2. Nike Flex Experience

Another highly rated pair of shoes, the Nike Flex Experience provides superior comfort. Looking more like a basic exercise shoe, it none-the-less provides comfort and support even after constant use.

3. Reebok Work n’ Cushion

Consider the Reebok Work n’ Cushion if you want a professional looking shoe designed to work in more formal work environments. The shoe uses DMX Ride technology to provide a superior cushion that makes wearing them far more comfortable than work alternatives.

The bottom line

Ultimately, the pair of shoes that you should get will depend on your unique physiology and needs throughout the day. Consider the suggestions we listed above. In addition, consider researching more reviews to find individuals who have found success while having similar circumstances to you. Either way, be aware that while some trial and error may be required, there are shoes out there that will make your day a lot more pleasurable, even if you are on your feet all day.

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