How Do Dansko Clogs Fit?

Dansko clogs are made for those who want to get the most out of life, and the most out of their shoes. Dansko provides shoes that have been inspired by a classic design, tried and tested by professionals for decades, in a wide variety of settings and industries. Their goal is to improve the lives of their consumers through some of the most important products they use, their shoes.

Where Are Dansko Clogs Made?

Dansko clogs are currently manufactured in China and Europe. Up until 2007, Dansko had a partnership with Sanita, the company that made the original Danish clog. Between 1990 and 2007, Dansko was the seller for Sanita clogs in the United States, after the Dansko founders discovered Sanita clogs on a trip to Europe, and realized how popular they could become in the United States. This means that any pair of Dansko clogs sold before 2007 were manufactured by Sanita in Denmark and Poland.

Are Dansko Clogs Slip Resistant?

Some Dansko clogs are slip resistant, while others are not. It just depends on which pair you buy. When you go to their website and select which gender you are buying your clogs for, there is a specific section that has all of their slip-resistant options listed. The clogs that do have slip-resistant soles are a great option for those who will be using their clogs in a work environment, such as a restaurant or hospital, where floors can often be wet. The slip resistance will keep you stable and protected while working in a fast paced environment.

How Stretch Dansko Clogs?

If your Dansko clogs are feeling a bit tight, you have a couple options to try and stretch them out to give your feet some extra breathing room. Dansko clogs are made of leather, which will naturally stretch over time, so try breaking them in a bit to see if they get more comfortable. You can also try wearing some thick socks when you first get them to try and stretch them out.

Another option you can try is spraying the upper with a shoe stretching spray, and inserting a shoe stretcher, and adjusting it to your size. You can use this method a couple of times until your shoes are stretched to your liking.

One more option you could try is spreading a small amount of alcohol on the inside of the shoe, and stuffing them with rags or cloth, and leaving the shoe overnight to stretch. Be careful though, using this technique too much can cause damage to your shoe.

Are Dansko Clogs Comfortable?

Dansko clogs have undergone years of advancement and modification, as a result of research and development in the field of orthopedics. Their clogs feature anatomically accurate contoured arch support that keeps your feet comfortable during long work days. They also have a rocker bottom that propels you forward, making walking easier and taking stress off of your legs and lower back. They also feature a slightly raised heel, offering extra support, and increased shock absorbance.

Dansko shoes are very popular with industry professionals who spend long periods of time on their feet, such as chefs, teachers, and workers in the medical field. However, they are also enjoyed by those who don’t work in these fields, as they are very comfortable, and who doesn’t enjoy a comfortable shoe? Also crucial to industry workers is the non-slip feature, keeping the wearer safe on wet surfaces.

Another important aspect of Dansko shoes is their American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal of Acceptance. This seal proves that the shoes have been proven by a series of tests to promote foot health in those who wear them.

Dansko clogs feature a high-quality leather upper that naturally contours to the shape of the foot, allowing for a comfortable and consistent fit. They also have a polyurethane outsole that effectively absorbs shock and pressure, and maintains flexibility, and can also protect against extreme temperatures, supporting the wearer’s legs and lower back while working long shifts.

These clogs also contain a stiff sole and do not flex while you’re walking. This is used to accommodate for the natural movement of your feet while walking, and to prevent rubbing on the back of your foot. Because the sole is stiff, your heel will naturally slip up and down while walking.

Another aspect of these clogs design is the firm heel counter, and its shape does not curve towards the heel like other shoes. This design allows the natural slipping of the heel up and down and prevents rubbing from occurring.

Wearing clogs for the first time may feel a little strange, as they do not fit or feel like most other shoes. However, the unique design and shape allow for excellent support and range of motion, allowing you to stay comfortable on your feet for more extended periods of time. This makes Dansko clogs an excellent choice for those who work industry jobs such as cooking positions, warehouse workers, and other fields that require you to be on your feet for extended periods.

Can Dansko Clogs Be Resoled?

Dansko’s website says that they do not recommend you resoling their clogs, and that you should simply replace them with a new pair. That being said, there are many private shoemakers and repair shops that will resole your Dansko clogs.

How to Clean Dansko Clogs?

On their website, Dansko offers a variety of products they recommend you use to clean and care for your clogs.

Their footbed cleaner can be used to remove perspiration and odors, oils, and dirt, and can restore the color to leather, fabric, synthetic, and suede footbeds. To use the footbed cleaner, first remove any visible dirt, spray the foot cleaner on the footbed, and use the provided brush to clean the footbed. Afterwards, wipe the area with a clean damp cloth, air dry, and finally brush the treated area.

Their Nubuck block and brush can be used to refine the natural nap of nubuck or suede shoes. Use the block to rub and remove surface stains.

They also offer an oiled leather restorer that will refresh the appearance of dark leather. It is used by applying to the entire surface, drying, and then removing any excess.

Where to Buy Dansko Clogs?

Dansko clogs can be purchased from authorized Dansko retailers, as well as directly from the Dansko website.

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