Why Are Surgeon Shoes Important?

Unlike every other profession, Surgeon’s don’t dress anyhow in the operating room. They wear protective wears as their profession demands it. Part of the dress pattern of a random surgeon include:
Apron: this is needed because some surgical procedures can be messy and a surgeon needs to protect him or herself by putting on a waterproof bib. Other attire includes Masks and or Visors, Shoes, Gloves, Surgical gown, Boots.

These attires serve one purpose or the other. The glove is for preventing germs from entering the doctor or nurses finger and also prevent surgeons from using their bare hands to touch the weak body. The Surgeon shoes also play some vital roles in the operating room, and we will be looking into some of them in this article.

Why Are Surgeon Shoes Important?

Surgeon shoes are essential for various reasons. The job can be tacky and can require a worker to stand all day. Also, there is a risk attributed to the role which needs to be prevented by some specific measures and of course, wearing good shoes is also part of the preventive measures. Surgeon shoes are essential because of the following reasons.

Support: Surgeon shoes are designed to cater to your arches. It also cushions your heels and helps realign the foot. Painful and frustrating issues like plantar fasciitis and flat foot can occur if this support and proper alignment are not involved.

Surgeon shoes are designed to enhance work productivity: You can’t wear just anyhow shoes to the operating room because a particular set of shoes specially made for this purpose. Surgery clogs are ergonomically made to be put on during surgeries in the operating room and within the hospital. They are prepared to fit the demand of surgeon job.

Longevity is another important of wearing surgeon shoes. The shoe produced with high-quality materials compared to another set of shoes and more reason they last longer.

Effective and preventive on a slippery floor. Hospitals do have some slippery floors which seen as one of the hazards in hospital work. Although cleaners do clean the floors regularly as health workers, there will be a time you will need to rush to patients and will not always be able to see what is on the floor ahead of you. Slip-resistant clogs provide grip on slippery floors which minimizes the chance of trips, slips, and falls.

Easy to clean: Surgeons shoes always made from rubber or leather which make it very easy to wash or clean. Liquids splash can occur during operation, and that is a significant reason it is made up of rubber or leather so that it can be quickly clean and wear back straightaway.

Where to Buy Surgeon Shoes?

There are a lot of shopping outlets to buy your next shoe. You can as well get cheap, discounted and cute shoes online on sites like eBay, Amazon. Other online stores to get cute shoes too include but, not limited to;

Why Do Surgeons Wear Shoe Covers?

You will be wondering why surgeons still wear covers on their shoes during surgical operations in the operating room.
A lot of reasons are applicable, and we will be highlighting it so as for you to have known why surgeons wear disposable shoe covers and remove it when they leave the operating room.

Medical staffs wear shoe covers during operations to eliminate catastrophic event from occurring during work. Disable shoe covers and rubber shoes are always worn during operation to prevent the friction from the shoe which can result in a spark and make the oxygen tank to explode.

Also, surgeons wear covers during surgeries to avoid dirt, dust, and bacteria from their shoes from spreading around the room and infecting patient whose operation is being carried on. Contamination can lead to the loss of the patient if proper care is not in place.

It is also worn over shoes by health practitioners during surgical work to avoid blood spills from getting into their shoes. The blood spill or other liquid spills can destroy the shoes and can also lead to an infection thereby transferring diseases.

Cover shoe wears perform a lot of preventive measures most especially the prevention of contamination during operations. The shoe covers are disposable and can be put into the trash once the work is over. There are other protective gears worn together with shoe covers such as face masks and scrubs. The patient’s life will be in danger in surgeons are not wearing these protective gears because of operation contaminations.

What Color Shoes to Wear in the Operating Room?

Doctors and nurses can wear different shoe colors depending on the shoe manufacturer. Some shoe brands are popular with a particular color. Popular surgeon shoe color includes white, black, brown colors.

You might have a busy schedule and very busy during the day at work, but this shouldn’t stop you from dressing nicely to work. Smartly wear a cool scrubs without violating your work policy. Wear brightly and cute colored shoes and make sure they that match your scrubs.

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