What Shoes to Wear to Your New Job in Retail?

The first impression matters a lot, but you don’t have to dress to kill on your first appearance at work in a retail job except you are holding a managerial post, instead wear shoes that fit your role as a retailer in other for you not only to perform well at work but also help reduce work dangers. People say your footwear tell a lot about you. Sure, they are right. It is about the type of shoes or style one is wearing but what the profession requires that you wear. Proper shoe fit and comfort should be put into consideration too. For example, Chefs, Hikers and retail workers need appropriate shoes to perform their job at best.

What to Look for in Shoes for Working Retail?

In looking for shoes to wear to retail work, there are some things to watch out, and this depends on the type of retail job you are doing. Hospital shoes should have features that will promote overall body wellness. The soles should be appropriately cushioned to encourage alignment of the spine and also improve posture. It will help reduce or eliminate future foot problems that are caused by fatigue of work.

Also, Chef and restaurant shoes should be the one made with resistant sole and the one made for worst kitchen conditions. Cruise, Stretch, Champion, and Flex are popular brands that manufacture this type of shoes. For security workers in a retail firm, they also stand all day, and people who protect others should as well defend themselves. Hence, they are also to wear shoes that can make the task.

Also, manufacturing shoes should be slip resistant, sturdy and comfortable. However, need not be un-styled and boring. There is a lot of shoe brand that provides the comfort and assures safety at work and will also make you be in style while you perform at work.

Can I Wear High Heels to Work?

Heels are advisable, and at the same time, high ones are not suitable for retail workers. Many women experience foot pain as a result of wearing high heels. Although, high heels help flatten the appearance of legs several issues do develop as a result of wearing high heels all day. The foot is often in an unnatural point when high heels are worn.

Though one can be moderate in wearing this type of shoes, the overall well-being of the foot can benefit in the limit number of days you wear high heels. Also, do well to always consult with a Podiatrist to learn more about proper techniques in stretching your foot if you notice any discomfort or pain from wearing high heels.

Part of the body that can be affected by wearing high heels include Ankle Joints, Balls of the feet, Achilles tendon (it will stiffen and shorten), Back (the spine’s to absorb shock will be decreased and will lead to back pain. Also, the vertebrae of lower back will compress), Knees (high heels usually cause knees to bend thereby creating stress on them regularly). The foot can then contact the following problems; Calluses, Bunions, Corns, Hammertoe, Plantar Fasciitis, Mortons Neuroma.

However, if you want to wear high heels and still maintain your health balance, make sure you are not wearing them every day. It will prevent long-term physical problems. Also, try to wear thicker heels in place of stilettos in other to distribute weight more evenly across the feet. Do exercise with sneakers while you walk to work. Carry your heels with you and change them when you arrive at work. You can as well add inserts to your heels to help cushion your feet and absorb shock. Get foot inserts or metatarsal pads at an open shoe shop.

Can I Wear Flip-Flops to Work in Retail?

Well, this depends on the firm policy. Some employers of labor do not permit their workers to wear flip-flops. So, the first thing is to know whether your employer accepts it or not. If you work in a professional company, you should dress accordingly. Flip flops are not right choice wears for a professional business as this will have meaning to your clients, and some can see you as unserious staff or someone who doesn’t respect the culture of the profession. It can also convey a wrong message that you don’t care etc.

So, you need to study the job environment and policy first. Dress smartly and look nice to customers and clients. Flip flops are unprofessional and sloppy which make it dangerous footwear at work. However, it can still be put on in extremely casual settings like BBQ, beach, etc.

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