What Shoes to Wear in the Operating Room?

Doctors and nurses working in a hospital need to perform a lot of tasks at a go. They go from one floor to another attending to different functions in different rooms. Sometimes, it requires standing in one place primarily in the operating room for long hours. Operating room shoes should be quite adaptable to slip on and off and should be more convenient for workers to wear than running shoes or regular work shoes. It will allow their feet (doctors &nurses) to breathe while they sit or stand during the extended periods.

Doctors and nurses need shoes that will reduce fatigue and also relieve pressure points. Everyone wants to get good operating room shoes for themselves and have gone through lots of articles online sourcing for information but might not have found any useful one yet. This guide will help you in choosing the right, reliable and professional shoes for surgeons.

Can Surgeons Wear Any Shoes?

Shoes have a lot of advantages in the operating room as they have in other situations. It provides comfortable footing for workers to stand on while performing their duties during the long hours of operating and of course not leaving the operating room with plantar fasciitis and other achy feet issues. They also protect the feet from guts and gore that do escape on the operative field.

It is not professional for surgeons or other health practitioners to wear shoes anyhow to work. The protective measure must be put into place since they are dealing with work with a lot of risks involved.

Some surgeons prefer to wear clogs because of the waterproof nature, and it is comfortable and also easy to slip your feet in and out so that their toes can breathe while their hands are performing the hard work. Although, some said it is orthotics and sometimes result in foot pain.

Some argued that it is advisable to have a separate shoe for the operating room in other to reduce the cross-contamination between the outside world and the operating room. Shoe covers can efficiently perform the magic for that.

What Are the Different Types of Operating Room Shoes?

1.Clogs: This is the most preferred choice for many nurses. Many healthcare professionals prefer it over trainers. Nurses love clogs for some specific reasons. It provides excellent support. The interior is sturdier compared to trainers, and it helps to support the feet and ankles. It supports and defends the back from strain. It is advisable to wear footwear that is very supportive and this one of the reasons nurses prefer it.

2. Sneakers: It also favorites footwear among the doctors in the operating room. They are versatile and breathable. It is easy to move around with it both running and walking. It is excellent for rotations and also standing for a long time. Also, when considering the permeability factors, a shift can be nasty in the operating room.

3. Birkis: This is an unpopular brand of footwear but is also very okay to wear in the operating room. With it, you can stand all day long comfortable. It is produced from a hard rubber sole. They are comfortable to walk around within the hospital and easy to slip in and out. Ventilation is the only issue with this type of shoes. Your feet can get hot when you wear it for long.

4. Jungle Moc: This is an impressive shoe. They are ugly, yet, are well seen at the hospital. According to my observation, they are breathable and comfortable to stand in. You will have the feeling as if you are wearing slippers. Wearing in the operating room is excellent. Be glad to get one!

5. Cowboy Boots: This is also very common in an operating room. Well comfortable and durable. It is designed to handle all types of manly works. They are slip on and breathable. Although big I tell you, you would enjoy it.

6. Calzuro: These are common among the old school surgeons in the operating room. We call still classify it as clogs. It can last for a very long of a time with steady use. It is very super comfortable for standing in the operating room and also around the hospital. Some have ventilation holes, and some didn’t, you need to weigh the one you prefer.

There are lots of different types of shoe, but these are still considered to be the most preferable among medical practitioners. Socks are also essential to wear with those shoes.

Why Do Surgeons Wear Clogs?

Clogs help reduce back pain. It helps prevent nurses from suffering from musculoskeletal injuries which occur as a result of handling patients or carrying heavy equipment.

Its comfort and support help reduce back pain. Inappropriate footwear at work can be detrimental for health.

It is also breathable. Its breathability prevents overheat and prevent you from feeling sweaty. Sweaty feet can be uncomfortable and can also increase fungal infections risk.

Contaminants can be on the floor which can cause falls and slips and can as well dirty the shoes. Clogs are made up in such a way that you can clean them quickly. Clogs also help protect your feet. Some nurses wear shoes with open toe area to enable their feet to feel cool. Clogs help air out to your feet and also protect the feet against any falling objects at work.

How to Clean Operating Room Shoes?

Operation room shoes can be clean in different ways. You can use shoe covers to prevent contaminations. These will help prevent the shoes from being dirty and also prevent it from fluids. Shoes like clogs can easily be washed using warm water and soap.

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